Comparing confucianism and christianity

Christianity beginnings confucianism was started by confucius, who lived in china from about 550 to 479 bc confucius did not claim to be a god, but after his death, some of his followers worshipped him. Hinduism, buddhism, confucianism and daoism are eastern religions and philosophies that have been practiced by millions of people for centuries while hinduism is centered around a supreme being, buddhism and confucianism are centered around the teachings of a man and daoism is centered around a. Get an answer for 'compare and contrast the 6 major world religions (confucianism, buddhism, christianity, islam, judaism, and hinduism)' and find homework help for other social sciences questions. How does zhang bring christianity and confucianism together 2 compare zhang's writing with han yu's essay on the bone of the buddha in.

comparing confucianism and christianity In comparison, both roman catholicism and protestantism stressed the importance of these same relationships, though they did not did not stress all of the relationships set forth by confucianism and more often stressed the concepts behind such relationships.

Judaism and confucianism: a comparison january 10, 2012 june 14, 2013 / chelsea eagle although judaism and confucianism appear to be on different realms of the religious spectrum, they have similar traditions deriving from dissimilar roots. Confucianism and christianity confucian classics and the bible china, the attempts by some 17 th-and 18 th-c missionaries to prohibit chinese roman catholic converts from participat. There are nine great religions that will be the focus of our discussion, and they include: hinduism, buddhism, jainism, sikhism, zen buddhism, confucianism, taoism, christianity, and islam in respect to the religious nature of each of these religions, there are four main categories that they can be divided into.

The golden rule in confucianism and christianity 175 we found textual evidence which declared that the state was the ultimate ethical end-goal of man's development and we do not find such textual evidence. Confucianism is a chinese way of belief featured by systems of social and ethical beliefs that define human living and relationship other than religion christianity, on the other hand, is the belief in a supreme being who controls nature and in salvation from the fall of humankind by jesus christ who is god's son. Shinto vs buddhism shinto or kami-no-michi (the original traditional term) is the natural spiritual cult of japan extensively followed by the japanese people shinto or literally meaning the way of the gods was originally adopted from the ancient chinese inscriptions. Buddhism and confucianism constitute the essence of the traditional chinese culture the relationship among the two has been marked by both contentions in history, with confucianism playing a more dominant role in china. Shinto, in comparison to confucianism, is the more formal religion of the two (earhart 1088) and has an established priestly class during medieval times, shinto shrines organized as their teachings reacted against japanese buddhism (1102-03) , which was burgeoning in popularity.

As the largest religion in the world, christianity has adherents are all over the world as a % of local population, christians are in a majority in europe, north and south america, and australia and new zealand. Confucianism - referred to as optimistic humanism - was profoundly impacting on the life,social structure, and political philosophy of china it basically laid the groundwork in the psyche of the chinese people for communism and, presumably, is the reason why it is so tolerated by their government while nearly every other religion is not. The religions of china : confucianism and tâoism described and compared with christianity item preview. From confucianism and christianity to the chinese and western pathways of humanism in contrast to jesus' christianity, confucius fitted his confucianism into the established frame of king is a king, minister is a minister, father is a father, and son is a son(analects, 1211), and then set up the standards for the spiritual characters. Confucianism constitutes the main body of traditional chinese culture and possesses many facets fundamentally, it has influenced chinese for more than two thousand years there are two core virtues of confucianism - li, and ren li emphasized a man had to live in accordance with the highest code of conduct, which can be.

Comparing the two is like comparing peaches and apples sure, both can nourish you and give you energy, but there's where the similarity ends they deal with two diametrically opposing side of human nature, more specifically, christianity deals with the spiritual aspect of human nature while confucianism deals with the mundane aspect of human. A fundamental difference between confucianism and christianity we've been looking at the difference between christianity and other major religions - particularly their teaching about how to get to heaven. Confucianism and christianity a comparison of religions hinduism the world's third largest religion, hinduism has no specific origin it is polytheistic. The comparison of confucian benevolence and christian love principles of confucianism and christianity each of which is like a masterstroke linking moral teachings. Jesus, by comparison, was a rabbi, or teacher, to all, and he taught the way to the kingdom of god by contrast, as jesus taught an understanding of the transcendent by humanity, so confucius taught an understanding of humanity by the transcendent.

Comparing confucianism and christianity

China has long been a cradle and host to a variety of the most enduring religio-philosophical traditions of the world confucianism and taoism, later joined by buddhism, constitute the three teachings that have shaped chinese culture. Founder of confucianism who lived from 551-479 bce during china's warring states period he believed that a revival of traditional chinese culture would help restore order and harmony to his chaotic society. Comparing and contrasting confucianism with christianity jesus and confucius jesus christ is the savior of humankind according to christian belief we human beings. Confucianism, buddhism and christianity and how their own person frame of reference influences how they interpret what they have learned compare and contrast the prominent religions in southern and.

  • Although christianity and confucianism have had an uncommon influence that has endured the tests of time, there are vast differences between the two religions jesus was born in jerusalem while confucius was born in china around 550 bce a few years earlier.
  • On the other hand, communism was a new, revolutionary philosophy that was very different from that of confucianism communism was a so-called, dictatorship of people chairman mao had a role very similar to confucius.
  • Xinzhong yao's confucianism and christianity writes on a comparison of confucianism and christianity in the perspective of description and analysis on their similaries and differences with the writing style of precise and clear which is worthy to study.

This selection is the ninth of ten sections in an article comparing confucianism and christianity the article was published in a missionary journal printed in the cities of fuzhou and shanghai.

comparing confucianism and christianity In comparison, both roman catholicism and protestantism stressed the importance of these same relationships, though they did not did not stress all of the relationships set forth by confucianism and more often stressed the concepts behind such relationships.
Comparing confucianism and christianity
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